As a kid growing up on Long Island in the 1960s, Connie Nicholas Carberg did her own mock drafts with information culled from football magazines, newspapers and college football telecasts. This was long before the nation was introduced to Mel Kiper Jr. Brandon Marshall JerseysFor her, it was the start of a great football life. Matt Forte JerseysShe grew up with the New York Jets -- literally -- and later became a trailblazer in the NFL.She bills herself as the league's first female scout, and she chronicles her story in a new book, "Xs and Os Don't Mean I Love You." After graduating from Ohio State, where she was mentored by the legendary Woody Hayes, Carberg worked for the Jets as a secretary before transitioning to a role in the scouting department from 1976 to 1980. Without her input, the Jets may not have drafted Mark Gastineau in 1979.

The timing of her book, written with Elisabeth Meinecke, is perfect because this summer the Jets hired three female interns in the scouting department -- Callie Brownson, Rachel Huhn and Marirose Roach. They also have Collette Smith, a coaching intern.

"I think it's fantastic," Carberg said. "When I started out, Phyllis George, Darrelle Revis Jerseyswho was a former Miss America, was the only woman in a prominent position in the NFL -- and she was on TV. Now, more and more, you see women involved in the game. It's 40 years later, but I think it's awesome."

Carberg, 66, had family ties to the Jets because her father, Calvin Nicholas, Eric Decker Jerseyswas a team doctor. So was her uncle, James Nicholas. Football was a way of life, and it wasn't unusual for players to hang around her house. She played ball in the backyard with George Sauer, a member of the Super Bowl III championship team, and she became the envy of the kids in her neighborhood when Joe Namath made visits and signed autographs. There were no selfies in those days.

Her passion for football intensified at Ohio State, where she had long chalk-talk sessions with Hayes. With the Jets, she was drawn to the X's-and-O's aspect of the game. She talked football with the likes of Weeb Ewbank, Walt Michaels and Lou Holtz, Leonard Williams Jerseysdeveloping a scout's eye. In 1975, she was given the chance to make the final pick in the draft, and she selected Ohio State tight end Mark Bartoszek in the 17th round.

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